About Flower Hounds

The Flower Hounds of Banff are sniffing out new and creative ideas all the time! If you want an arrangement that is unique, creative and “out of the box”, we are the boutique for you. With expert experienced florists, and an enthusiasm for art, the Flower Hound team never runs out of ideas. Why are there so many of us? We are busy. We arrange flowers for more hotels than anyone else in the Bow Valley, we specialize in weddings and special events, and book up to a year in advance. We have a lot of Flower Hounds so everyone can be treated individually with care! Send us a note, like us on Facebook, email, phone or just drop in. We also have new and local handmade gifts at the boutique to add to any bouquet. With Flower Hounds of Banff you are barking up the right tree!

Meet the Team

photo of Susanne Gillies Smith

Susanne Gillies Smith

Being an award-winning director, actor and theatre set designer, with over 30 years of professional experience in the Arts, Susanne Gillies Smith brings a fresh new approach to Flower Hounds of Banff. Susanne has had many teachers and worked for two years at Alpine Flowers before purchasing the store from co-worker and mentor Debbie Fodor.

photo of Debbie Fodor

Debbie Fodor

Former owner/operator of Alpine Flower Gallery, Debbie has dedicated herself to flower design for over 10 years. She gets many personal requests for her “out of the box” designs: everything from weddings to special events. She is also an accomplished carver, painter and ink and pen artist.

photo of Carol Pearson

Carol Pearson

Carol has worked in the floral industry, off and on, for over eight years. Her art takes the form of singing, and playing any instrument you can think of. She is also a professional massage therapist and figure skating coach.

photo of Anne Marie Weissmuller

Anne Marie Weissmuller

Anne Marie has designed arrangements for just under 30 years. (Don’t ask how many weddings she’s done!). She has owned and operated her own flower shop as well as worked for Alpine Flower Gallery for 10 years. Her European hand-tied style is in high demand.

photo of Christine Ford

Christine Ford

Born and raised in Banff, Christine is a professional realist artist. Her paintings can be found at The Cabin on Bear Street. She has created flower designs for over 400 weddings and worked for Alpine Flower Gallery for over 6 years. If you want an English wildflower garden-style bouquet, she’s your gal.

photo of Sydney Jacobson

Sydney Jacobson

Apprenticing at Flower Hounds of Banff, Sydney is getting to know all of the business from the ground up! (literally) She loves horses and will soon be our Social Media Specialist!

photo of Arlo Barlo

Arlo Barlo

Arlo has absolutely no flower experience whatsoever, but is an expert in love.

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